97 Scandi Meets Boho Chic Bedroom Ideas

In the last two decades, Scandi meets Boho chic. The country-style influences have been pushed into new dimensions. Boho chic bedroom ideas, comprising of a cozy and cozier feel to the decor, reflect that country feeling in many ways.

Boho chic is very much related to rustic influences of the past. The Boho chic aesthetic can be seen in the rustic-country house interiors. These interiors have classic, antiques, and old-fashioned elements, such as the wall hangings, paintings, rugs, clothes, and furniture, that reflect the softer side of the style.

Boho chic has some elements of Scandi chic as well. However, Scandi’s theme of traditional Scandinavian decor is the core of the influence. The style’s influences are sometimes likened to their old European heritage, particularly its use of leather and furniture that is intricately designed. In Boho chic, the similarities are more towards European designs and not its unique country backgrounds. This design style includes herringbone and pill box linens, which are meant to give the room a European look.

For some homeowners, a more upscale type of decor is more suitable, as they would prefer to own the luxurious bedding and decoration of a Scandi home. It may be a question of cost as well. But that is why it is best to add a touch of Scandi into a Boho Chic bedroom. Here are some suggestions to consider:

One easy way to accomplish this is to choose a range of throw pillows, bedspreads, and throw rugs. One can then place those pieces against the walls. Use the bedroom linens for the cushions, or to bed down for warmth and comfort. Add a lamp with abase made of pottery, or a chandelier.

Another thing that can be added to create a cozy bedroom is an interesting piece of artwork that reflects Scandi’s elements. A cozy, old-fashioned-bordered box, where images of local scenery is also appropriate. This is also a good choice for use as the pillow or headrest.

Another element that works well is a light China plate with various scenes painted on it. This may be an option if the bedroom is decorated with not only wallpaper but also painted art work, as these things can be used as pieces to anchor the decor. Furniture like Indian rattan and rustic chairs can also be used as accents.

In the end, the only rule to remember when decorating a room needs to be to make it feel comfortable and warm, and to present the room in a welcoming environment. That is why Scandi meets Boho chic decor does so well. It provides a cozy atmosphere that is comfortable and fun.